Against the snaps and stories, Twitter is ephemeral in its own way

Against the snaps and stories, Twitter is ephemeral in its own way

While Facebook floods its apps with native Snapchat features, Twitter – which defines itself as a «network of interests where people connect to discover and follow interesting conversations outside their circles» – focuses on another type of resource to distribute content in real time and enjoy the heat of events.

With no provision for copying snaps, the microblog keeps an eye on what happens outside of it.

“The platform has never been as relevant or important as it is now: when world leaders want to communicate news, they go to Twitter first”, explains, in a note, Twitter Brazil, referring to presidents of nations like Donald Trump (USA) and Michel Temer (Brazil) and other leaders of large global companies.

1 of 1 Twitter Lite – Photo: Carolina Ochsendorf / dnetc

Twitter Lite – Photo: Carolina Ochsendorf / dnetc

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Also according to the microblog, in addition to influential presidents and politicians, athletes, movie stars and other celebrities see the microblogging social network as an official channel for their voices.

Likewise, users from all over the world express themselves and use Trending Topics to find out what is happening on the planet, like a thermometer that oscillates more ephemerally – and possibly relevantly – than snaps that do not last even a day.

Three pillars, however, bring the microblogging closer to the new social networks where everything disappears in 24 hours: mobile (cell phone), video and live (live).

However, unlike Instagram Stories, WhatsApp Status and Messenger My Day, populated by selfies, Twitter reinforces the record from the outside in and keeps asking «what’s going on?» and creating features that allow you to use it on even the simplest phones with poor connections like Twitter Lite.

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“The year 2016 was very relevant for Twitter, as we reinforce the main reason why people use the platform: to know what is happening in the world”, completes the microblog, which focuses on the content of the posts.

We reinforce the main reason why people use the platform: knowing what’s going on in the world

Asked whether the microblog will win a kind of “Twitter Snap” or “Twitter Storie, following the trend of competition, the social network preferred not to comment, but guarantees that“ it continues to focus on the relevance of the timeline and notifications ”, without doing any mention of including snaps, stories or status.

In the meantime, features like Periscope live streams on Twitter, 360 Lives, Moments for all users and the new Explore tab are added.

Live events are being broadcast directly on the microblog player, which has become a major content portal.

Simple requests, however, remain pending.

To date, the social network does not allow editing of tweets already published.