After years, Pokémon GO will finally allow the exchange of monsters between friends

After years, Pokémon GO will finally allow the exchange of monsters between friends

Since the game Pokémon GO was launched in 2016, one of the biggest complaints from users has always been the fact that it is not possible to exchange Pokémon with other people.

Now, after 2 years, you will finally be able to exchange your pocket monsters with your friends.

The developers announced today that the next update of the game will implement a new system of friendships, which will even allow the exchange of Pokémon.

We are excited to share new ways to interact with your friends on Pokémon GO! The long-awaited Friendship feature will begin to be released to Trainers by the end of this week, allowing you to connect with real-life friends and follow your adventures on Pokémon GO. You’ll be able to send items, earn bonuses and even exchange Pokémon with each other!

When adding someone as a friend, you will need to do a few things to increase your ‚Äúfriendship level‚ÄĚ with that person. This can be done by sending gifts or participating in raid battles or gymnasiums. As your friendship level increases, bonuses will be unlocked when you play together.

For example, when you and a Great Friendship participate in a Raid Battle or a Gym Battle together, you can earn Attack bonuses to give your Pokémon an edge! It is possible to increase your Friendship Level once a day for each friend.

Another way to increase your friendship level is by exchanging Pokémon with him. Completing an exchange generates a Candy bonus for the Pokémon that has been exchanged. In all exchanges you spend a certain number of Star dust (Stardust) and some exchanges require more Star Dust than others. As you increase your level of friendship with anyone making an exchange, you’ll find that you can complete the exchange with much less Star Dust.

The update is expected to happen by the end of this week (usually between Wednesday and Thursday).