After Windows 8.1, Microsoft lana Remote Desktop for Android

After Windows 8.1, Microsoft lana Remote Desktop for Android

After releasing the Windows 8.1 download, Microsoft took the opportunity to launch its Android app called Remote Desktop. With it, you can access the desktop of your Windows 8.1 computer from your mobile phone.

microsoft remote desktop
Your Desktop on your Android / Microsoft screen

The app can be downloaded from the Play Store for free. The features brought by the program are:

  • Remote access your desktop and files
  • Multi-touch experience through PDR – Remote Desktop Protocol and RemoteFX
  • Secure connection to your files and programs through Network Layer Authentication technology (NLA)
  • Simplified configuration of all remote connections in Connection Center
  • Streaming compressed audio and video with optimized bandwidth utilization

The program has 4.4 Mb and requires Android 2.2+.

Step by step to set up the app

On PC:

To use the app, it is important that the user activates the remote desktop on Windows. This can be done as follows:

1. Go to System Properties and select Remote Settings

2. Select the option "Allow remote connections to this computer"

On the smartphone:

1. Create a new connection

2. Enter any name in the "Connection Name" field

3 In "PC Name" put your computer's IP on the local network

4 Leave "Gateway" as "No gateway configured"

5 In the credentials, enter your Windows login username and password

Once you have made the connection, the Windows Desktop should appear on your smartphone screen.

If the application is really useful or not, only time will tell, but it can be quite useful if you forget that file on your desktop and are away from your PC.

And you, did you like the new application from Microsoft? Leave your opinion below!

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