After update, Play Store gets news in the updates section

Setelah pembaruan, Play Store mendapat berita di bagian pembaruan

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Google Play Store – Update to version 8.0.22.R-all

Changelog in the updates section: the new version of the Play Store brings a very interesting change to the downloads tab, which now displays the apps changelog in the section itself. Thus, the user will be able to know what changes or news are coming with the updates of their apps without having to consult their respective individual pages.

If you have not yet received the update automatically, you can use APK Mirror to download the new version. Download the APK of version 8.0.22.R-all here.

play store seca downloads

Play Store gets changelog in the updates section / © AndroidPIT

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Google Play Store – Update to version 7.8.16.P-all

New icon: after some time without modifying the Play Store app icon, the latest version of the store will literally adopt the «play» symbol, as we can see below:

Play store icon

On the left the old icon; on the right the new icon / © AndroidPIT

The new design retains the essential features of the previous icon, just removed the shopping bag. Thus, the store’s original logo remains, but honestly, it only gives the impression that we continue without a unification or pattern in the design of the icons of the apps on Android.

As a consequence of this change, the Play Store notifications icon also changed slightly:

Play store icon notification

Instead of the shopping bag, we only have the «Play» Store symbol / © AndroidPIT

The colors of the icons vary according to the category: apps and games (green), Movies (red), Music (orange) and books (blue).

If you have not yet received the update automatically, you can use APK Mirror to download the new version. Download the APK of version 7.8.16.P-all here.

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Google Play Store – Update to version 7.7.17.O-all

Update tab: one of the most recent features added to the Google Play Store now offers the «Update» tab, where you can see apps that are pending update or those that have recently been updated. The biggest benefit of this, however, is in the neighboring tab: «Installed».

play store update tab

/ © AndroidPIT

In «Installed», it will be possible to define search filters for applications. So, we now have the alphabetical order, by recent update, recently used and size. So, you have more control over the ecosystem of apps installed on your smartphone and, for example, you can remove apps that are taking up more space on your device quickly.

play store install tab

You can check apps by alphabetical order or size / © AndroidPIT

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Google Play Store – Update to version 7.5.08.M-all

Discounted apps: After some testing, the Google team made a new sales function on the Google Play Store official. Google now offers Android developers the chance to showcase free download of the app to users for a set time. The new feature is already described on the store’s support page and shows programmers how to do this.

There are not yet many paid applications at this time, offering such a feature, as the sales system was available in beta for a few developers so far. Anyone who wants to make the app free will have between one and eight days to make the promotion. Each app can have a promotion every 30 days.

According to the staff of Android Police, developers have always been able to change the price of their apps before, but now we have features that include support so prices are shown on the Play Store. This makes it much easier for the user to find them.

google play store promotions

Now you will have more information about the free campaign time of the apps / © Android Police

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Google Play Store – Update to version 7.3.07.K-all

Use of filters: the Google Play Store now offers users the possibility to carry out filters to identify the applications that they already have installed on their smartphones from lists such as «Most Searched». Thus, when you click on any tab in this list, such as «Top Apps» or «Top games», you can display the apps installed on your device. This way, you will only see applications that you do not have.

In reality, this is one of those functions that everyone wins. Because users will not need to go through the list of installed applications to reach new ones, thus speeding up the process of searching for new apps.

google play store apps filtors

You can now use filters in the Play Store / © AndroidPIT

For the developer, applications from large companies or development agencies should not stand out over smaller applications, thus increasing the chances of downloading them.

Thus, by accessing the Play Store, you can choose whether or not to see the items you have installed on your phone by clicking on the «View installed apps» option. Leaving the option disabled, however, you will see only what you can download from the lists previously assembled by the Google team.

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Google Play Store – Update to version 7.0.12.H-all

Google starts showing directly the space occupied by apps: the Android operating system has a lot of room for improvement and the Google Play Store is an example of that. Every month, Google developers bring new options and features to the OS app store, and perhaps the latter is one of the most functional. As of version 7.0.12.H-all, applications start to clearly and directly inform the size, in megabytes, that they will occupy in the storage of your smartphone.

In addition to this change, we also have a much more objective differentiation between paid and free apps, as shown in the image below:

google play store update app size

On the left, the current Play Store UI; on the right, the possible new version / © AndroidPIT; Rajan Verma (Android Police)

However, this is a feature that is part of a Google beta test and is not yet official. So, some Play Store users can see it, others can’t. Thus, those who do not have such a view, to know the download size of an application in the Play Store, need to access the page of the app and click on «Read More» in the description of this.

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Google Play Store – Update to version 6.9.15.G-all

Family sharing and family library: Google decided to extend family sharing to its Android app store. Thus, OS users will be able to share their purchases with users connected to the same network. After this update, we now have the option «Family Library» below the application installation button.

When this option is enabled in your Google Play account settings, a tab called «Family» will be automatically created next to the tab where all installed / purchased games, apps, movies and books are displayed. The account holder can add up to six people to share the purchased content.

google play store familia bra

Family Library option will appear after an update from Google Play / © AndroidPIT

Each user can use an individual payment method when using credit cards or gift cards. However, the library administrator can define a single payment method for everyone to use.

Another important detail is that the holder must be 18 years old or more, while members of the Family Library must be over 13 years old. It must also be remembered that family sharing is only valid between users who reside in the same country.

Movies and books can be shared and accessed via Android, iOS devices and the Web version of Play Movies and Play Books. Applications and games can only be shared between Android users.

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Counting the latest version of the Google Play Store

To get the latest version of the Play Store on your Android, download the latest APK through this link. However, the mobile version of the Android app store also receives constant updates from Google, just wait for the remote update.

If you still have questions, check out our tutorial on how to install the Google Play Store on your smartphone.

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The purpose of this article is to gather all the recent news added to the Google Play Store app in one place. Thus, the updating and republication of this matter will become necessary over time.