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After update, Gmail offers reply option in notification bar

The Gmail app has been updated again and offers the ability to archive or reply to emails directly from the notification bar. The Gmail update is now available on the Google Play Store and requires Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher.

Gmail update
Gmail cuts fat. / AndroidPIT

If the subject makes life easier for the user, Google, the developer of Gmail, got it right. Now, with the new function, the user skips three clicks and speeds up the process of sending emails. So we can say that the search giant burned the fat in the app. In addition, there is also the possibility to delete emails when archiving them, but this will depend on your email settings.

The biggest criticism of the update is the fact that even after deleting the email using the app, it remains in the "trash can" version of the web platform. The most logical improvement would be to offer the possibility to permanently delete the message.

On the official Gmail blog, the app developers even suggest that the user unite this new ability to filter email by importance and avoid a message bombardment:

You can combine this feature with the existing notification function, such as the ability to customize the messages you receive in notifications and set different sounds for individual labels. So if you filter and sort all messages from your mother, for example, you can set a ringtone to know when you received a new email from her and then respond quickly (because we know what can happen when you ignore your mother!).

To update Gmail, go to Google Play through your mobile device or go to the Google store and download the app right now:

Gmail update

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Source: Gmail Blog

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