After two years, Nintendo can finally return to Brazil

Depois de dois anos, Nintendo pode finalmente voltar ao Brasil

Anatel approvals may indicate that Big N is finally ready to return to Brazil with the Nintendo Switch.

After two years, Nintendo can finally return to BrazilIt looks like 2017 is the year!

THE Nintendo may be taking the first steps towards return to Brazil. In the past two months, Nintendo Of America approved three products at the National Telecommunications Agency, Anatel, which may indicate that the company intends to resume operations in the country.

Claiming high taxes, in 2015, Big N closed its doors to the Brazilian market. Without official product distribution or technical support, the company made life difficult for Brazilians who wanted to buy a Wii U or one New Nintendo 3DS.

It seems that now with the imminent launch of the Nintendo Switch on March 3, it may be that the Big N returns to the country. If we look at Brazil and the Nintendo from the past, we can see that the scenario is better. On the one hand, the Japanese company has much better figures in relation to its sales. By opening space for new markets such as mobile, the company appears to be on a successful path.

Our country, on the other hand, is nearing the end of one of its biggest recessions, which will end up influencing an improvement in the economy. With good reception from Switch the international market, even if pre-sold, the device does not seem to make the same mistakes as the Wii U. Showmetech a little more about some games, technical specifications and even production of inflated memory cards.

Anatel approves three Nintendo Of America products

After two years, Nintendo can finally return to BrazilApprovals made by Anatel

The interesting thing about this novelty is that the last time that the Japanese company approved a product in Brazil was in 2014, one year before closing operations in the country. For now we have records in December 16, 2016 for a Transmitter for TV Broadcasting Auxiliary Service, in December 29, 2016 a Restricted Radiation Transceiver and finally in January 2, 2017 another Restricted Radiation Transceiver.

For now, this is one of the strongest clues that Nintendo intends to return to operating in the country. Recently, in an interview with a website, one of the executives responsible for Nintendo in Latin America said that the company never stopped looking at the country. We’ll see.

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