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After Total Adult Content Banned, Tumblr Returns to the App Store

Who would say that removing the application from Tumblr from the App Store, because of the discovery of child pornography between platform posts, would have such profound consequences.

A few days after the event, the administration of the network made the drastic decision something that, according to them, was already properly defined before the problem with Apple happened to ban the entire adult content of the platform. To some, this has sounded like an exaggerated measure as, to curb the spread of criminal content, they are bringing along many artists, photographers, illustrators and models who used the network to display their perfectly legal content for people over 18.

The fact that regardless of the discussion, the measure has worked and Tumblr is already back App Store.

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Version 14.9 (139.1 MB) Requires the iOS 12.0 or superior

Despite the ban on adult publications, the app is still listed as recommended for adults on the App Store because the ban only takes full effect in four days on 12/17.

The question now is what happens to users who use the network to share their adult creations, and what the fate of Tumblr itself is, the platform has always been considered a relatively safe and constructive environment (despite the glitches that allowed the posting of child pornography) to relatively high quality adult content.

Will the "new Tumblr" for the whole family survive?

via TechCrunch