Eddy Cue also participates in auction for lunch with him at Apple Park

After Tim Cook and Craig Federighi, it was Eddy Cue’s turn to talk about the Apple Vs. FBI

Eddy Cue also participates in auction for lunch with him at Apple Park

In an extensive interview for the Univision, in Spanish, Eddy Cue (senior vice president of software and internet services) spoke (Google Translate) about the case Apple vs. FBI.

Cue repeated everything we’ve heard so far about the case, because Tim Cook (CEO) and more recently Craig Federighi (head of Apple software) have also covered the subject, but it’s still worth checking out some chat highlights.

Like Cook, Cue is very afraid of what will happen in the future if Apple is forced to create a less secure version of iOS so that the FBI can gain access to the iPhone data in question used by the terrorist. For Cue, there are many things that Apple cannot do today (such as having access to the camera and microphone of the devices). And what guarantees that the government, one day, will not force the company to create tools to access it?

The executive also summed up the issue well with a very enlightening metaphor:

What they want us to deliver is a key to the back door of your house, but we don’t have the key. As we don’t have it, they want us to change the lock. When we change the primary key, it changes for everyone. And we will have a key that opens all phones. And that key, once created, is not for us alone. Terrorists, criminals, pirates, many will find the key to opening all phones.

To justify this, Cue said that the government itself, in recent years, has lost more than 5 million fingerprints from its employees. ?They lost hundreds of millions of credit numbers, financial systems. This problem is happening more and more and more. And the only way we have to protect ourselves is to make the phone more secure. ?

Speaking of Apple’s work on making iOS security even better, Cue said its engineers are against terrorists and criminals, saying the company is trying to protect users from that type of person.

We want to help (the government). They have a very difficult job, they are there to protect us. So, we want to help as much as possible, but we can’t help them in a way that helps even more criminals, terrorists and pirates.

If you are interested in the subject, it is worth checking out the interview.

(via Business Insider)