‘After the End’ band launches YouTube video at 60fps


after the end

The band Além do Fim released their new work song called “Sem temer”. The music video was also released together, which is one of the first Brazilian clips on YouTube to display in 60fps quality.

“The initial idea was to take only a few shots at 60fps to apply the images in slow motion. However, we heard rumors that YouTube would probably release this video quality soon and we decided to record the entire clip in HFR (Framerate over 24) ”, says Renata Ottoni, director of the clip.

On October 30th, YouTube released videos at 60 frames per second. An improvement in the quality of videos that could have a maximum of 30 frames per second. With this update, the movements can become sharper and with much less shade. This increase in image quality was very welcome in the game channels, but it is rarely used in films and clips.

“The 60fps video matched well with the style of the song, which is very lively. It would not combine with, for example, “Nothing is forever”, which is a ballad ”, concludes Ottoni.