Telegram gains support for multiple accounts; Google Maps, Banco do Brasil, and TestFlight are updated

After the controversy involving WhatsApp, more than 2 million Brazilians have already registered on Telegram

Yesterday we commented on the possible suspension of WhatsApp here in Brazil due to a determination by a judge from Piau. The reason for this would have to do with the circulation of pedophile images / videos on WhatsApp (which was acquired by Facebook a year ago).

Obviously, it wasn't just us talking about the case; it has appeared on virtually all blogs, websites and newspapers that somehow address the topic of technology. The result of that?

"2 million new registrations from Brazil in the last 20 hours. Currently, 100 new users are enrolled per second."

Because of the huge demand for Telegram, the service network has even become unstable for many users.

Although not as popular as WhatsApp in Brazil, Telegram offers good differentials as a native application for OS X, a web version, support for groups of up to 200 people, sending messages to up to 100 people at once, chats secret (with encrypted messages that self-destruct after a specified period), app lock by password, Touch ID compatibility and more.

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