After testing, now I'm sure I'll never learn to use this app.

After testing, now I'm sure I'll never learn to use this app.

Newspapers, websites, TV shows, movies, neighbors, friends on Facebook and on the streets, now everyone is talking about Snapchat. You know what I'm talking about, right? Something told me not to even try to install such an app on my smartphone, but could not resist, wanted to go to the end to know more about this fever. After testing Snapchat, I discovered a sad truth: I will never learn to use it.

Well, for those who have parachuted here, Snapchat can be naively compared to WhatsApp or Facebook. That is, an application that allows us to quickly communicate with friends and share multimedia content. It turns out that in practice, this application that is falling in the grace of teenagers, allows you to share places, photos or videos temporarily, because after a few seconds, the message disappears.

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One thing needs to be said: It's not about quantum physics, but the app can't understand the massive use of the app by younger people. I understand that many people want to share content creatively and spend precise time working on the images, but what really strikes me is how the interaction between friends happens. This simply does not fit the head.

Why send messages that then disappear into thin air?

You take a picture, make an effort to look creative, send the media by message, and after seconds the sender previews the image, it disappears, and he responds. One very smart thing, this must be assumed, is that the image will self-destruct within 10 seconds of genius, for you are sure that it will not be shared later.

Even the fact that the application has unique functions would not explain such success, since third-party applications such as MSQRD itself can turn me into a jaguar. Moreover, even the ability to send self-destructive messages makes no sense here, as Telegram could be a better solution. So what?

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The canine look fits me, right? ANDROIDPIT

Well, 80% of Snapchat users come from the US, they are boys and girls ages 13-23, so they are young and in great shape and their minds are always moving. Lately, however, not only are they increasing service user statistics, but we have also had an increase in people ranging from 40 years and up.

I soon realized that, just like me, many people my age 30 can't understand how Snapchat works, or probably have no interest in sending self-destructive messages.

Why send messages that then disappear into thin air? We can even think of an app used for sexual purposes, since spicy photos would not be saved in the image gallery, however, several studies have revealed that only 1.6% of users use Snapchat for "sex"; 14.2% post sexual content; While most, 59.8% use the app mostly to upload funny photos. A waste of talent!

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Have you not tried using Snapchat? Please do this and send me your funny pics!

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