After stealing more than 100 devices at the Coachella music festival in California, a man is arrested with the help of Find My iPhone

Had your iPhone stolen from Lollapalooza? Have you spent weeks scolding the asses against the supposedly above-normal disposition of Brazilians to misappropriate someone else's property?

Because rethink your concepts: a man was arrested in Coachella, one of the largest music festivals in the world, in California, with more than 100 (hundred!) stolen cell phones.

And guess who played a key role in this story? Yes, of course, always him: the Search My iPhone (Find My iPhone).

Who reports the Consequence of Sound: last friday (14/4), first day of the festival, a group of friends in the middle of the party noticed the absence of their phones, some of them iPhones.

They quickly activated Find My iPhone on a device and miraculously located their stolen smartphones.

The police took action and arrested Reinaldo de Jesus Henao, a 36-year-old New York resident.

The surprise: the malefactor already had more than a hundred stolen cell phones with him!

Here is proof of the crime:

Over 100 smartphones stolen at Coachella music festival

Henao was arrested in the act and then released after paying $ 10,000 (~ R $ 31,000) as we can see, the profit was very expensive for this particular smart guy.

Or rather, "smart" nothing, since he didn't even have the perspective to turn off the devices outside as soon as he got them.

But who am I to teach potential iPhone thieves, anyway?

As for the devices, some of them were immediately returned to their owners, while others were sent to the festival's Lost and Found section.

Incidentally, here's the tip: if you happened to be there to fry with Hans Zimmer's delirious beat or something and had some good lost, Coachella maintains a special page on its website with all the items found without an owner.

Very nice of them.

(via The Verge)