After seven years, Flipboard co-founder returns to Apple to work in healthcare

Evan Doll left Apple in July 2009 after six years at the company to co-found the Flipboard alongside Mike McCue.

His story in front of the ‚Äúsocial magazine‚ÄĚ lasted for just over six years, and Doll is now back at Apple.

When she left in 2009, Doll worked in Cupertino as a ‚ÄúSenior Software Engineer for iPhone‚ÄĚ.

Now, his position (superficially, obviously) as ‚ÄúDirector of Health Software Engineering‚ÄĚ; he took the job last month, as revealed by Bloomberg.

Although the report did not confirm this, Doll is likely to work with Jay Blahnik who takes care of ‚ÄúSpecial Projects‚ÄĚ at Apple, but is very focused on health and Kevin Lynch, vice president of technologies and the main responsible for the Apple Watch.

With Ma's recent investments in the area including HealthKit, ResearchKit and CareKit, he has a lot of work to do.

Curiously and ironically, Apple today has on iOS an app very similar to Flipboard: Notcias (News), which is still unavailable in Brazil.