After rule break, Apple also revokes Google certificate

After rule break, Apple also revokes Google certificate

Yesterday we reported that after the story that the Facebook Paying people to use an app to collect data using Apple's distribution platform as a bridge to earn the average, Ma decided to revoke the Facebook certificate, which caused the company a huge headache as, with The attitude, several trial versions of Facebook apps and even apps that are only used internally by employees have stopped working.

Soon after, it was also discovered that the Google It was similar to Facebook: The Mountain View company used the Developer Enterprise Program to recommend users to install a particular app to keep track of everything they did on their device. Google then quickly apologized for the episode by stating that it was a mistake and that the app in question should not have been distributed by this method (that is, using Apple's certificate).

So far, Apple had not commented on the case involving Google. O The vergeHowever, it has now reported that Ma has decided to apply the same penalty to Facebook.

This way the Google certificate is repealed, which prevents the search giant from distributing test versions or corporate apps internally from vehicle sources, test versions of Google Maps, Hangouts, Gmail, and other apps have actually stopped working today alongside apps. such as Gbus (the company's transportation app).

Google has made the following statement Bloomberg:

We are working with Apple to fix a temporary outage on some of our iOS business apps, which we hope will be resolved soon.

Apple has confirmed to Axios who are working closely with Google to "help restore corporate certificates quickly."

Regardless of being right or not (there are those who defend both sides), Apple's attitude was consistent. Obviously, this story is still far from over and we will follow closely and update this article with any news on the subject.