After rejection, Apple will exchange iPads for MacBooks Air at Maine state schools

Apple's crusade for higher-quality basic education with a mill of its products is going well, thank you. True, from time to time Ma is clearly highlighting another product in this area over traditional Macs: iPad.

And while this replacement is working in some places, in others it has not been met with such effusiveness.

Apple and Education (iPad)

O Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal published a report in which it examines Apple's performance in schools and the supply of Apple products to students and teachers in Maine. According to the story, receptiveness to iPads as learning tools has not been so good, and Apple is cutting the problem in the bud: replacing each iPad for a MacBook Air, at no extra cost, in a program called Refresh.

But why all this hostility to Apple's infamous tablet? Research from Auburn District has shown that 88.5% of teachers and 74% of students prefer the MacBook as a learning tool, and the cause is that they see the iPad. An anonymous district professor stated in the survey:

(The iPad) confers no educational function in the classroom. Students use it as a toy, and word processing is almost impossible.

This same teacher applauded Apple's decision to offer to exchange tablets for laptops. Others went over and called the iPad experiment “disastrous,” or claimed to be “easier to play and addicted” to gadgets.

Under Apple's agreement with the state of Maine, the cost of each MacBook Air per student per year is $ 217, the same amount paid for iPads. As of 2017, this figure will rise to $ 248 (~ $ 886). Despite the apparent rise, previously the price of computers per year per student was $ 273 (~ $ 975), even above the ceiling set by the State Department of Education. That is, Apple is wanting to make everyone happy, whether with iPad or Mac, and in the end the education that thanks.

(via 9to5Mac)