After regular Uber, So Paulo can integrate service to the city's public transport

If there is one thing that can not be denied about the mayor of So Paulo that he has courage. This Tuesday, May 10, Fernando Haddad fought nearly 40,000 taxi drivers and signed the decree regulating the use of Uber in the city. And it goes beyond that: it intends to allow the Single Ticket to be used to pay for the app runs.

The idea that is being elaborated by SPNegcios is apparently quite promising. The proposal makes life easier for those who take more than one transport to go to work. As a result, Uber cars would be used to take passengers from home to subway and train stations, for example.

The proposal makes life easier for those who take more than one transport

As the race would be paid for the Single Ticket, the secondary modes would not be discounted. It may not be so advantageous for those who live far away from a station, since the value of the race would be higher than a pass, but for those who live near, or is late, an option to be considered primarily by the comfort factor. This would also apply to taxi applications such as Easy Taxi and 99 Taxi.

It is not yet known when the Single Ticket will be implemented for the payment of the races.

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In some races, Uber may be worth trying with the single ticket in the future / ANDROIDPIT

The decree regulating the use of Uber brings some points that will make taxi drivers even more furious. The most controversial is that anyone who wants to use the car for transportation through the app does not need to license, only CNH for paid function.

In return, the city will charge a kind of concession from the companies. The rate will rotate from $ 0.10 on average per kilometer driven. This rate will be variable and may be lower for the driver who chooses to work on the outskirts.

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A week before the mayor signed up to regulate applications in the city, a controversy put even more wood at the campfire between Uber Vs. Taxi drivers. It was found that Fernando Haddad's nephew works in an operational position at Uber in Brazil.

It was suspected that Guilherme Haddad Nazar, who works in the company's Information Technology area, would act as a lobbyist for the application.

Both the city and Uber denied that the family connection between Guilherme and the mayor was influencing decisions taken in favor of application regulation.

It may even be that one thing has nothing to do with the other, but at least not questionable.

And the? Which side are you on? Do you think the proposal of the city of So Paulo will set a precedent for other cities to also release the application?

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