After Procon, Chinese agency also wants more Apple explanation for slowness of iPhones

If you are following the great politics that has been going on since last month, about the Apple Having deliberately slowed down the performance of worn-out iPhones without warning users, you know that not only have various lawsuits been filed against Ma, but also bodies such as Procon-SP have asked for clarification of the case.

It would be no different for the world's largest smartphone market, of course: according to the state vehicle Xinhua, O Shanghai Consumer Council wrote to Apple asking the company to provide more information on the slow issues of older battery iPhones.

iPhone 6 Plus Battery

The group, which is a non-governmental organization approved by the Chinese authorities and deals with consumer demands, received 2,615 complaints from Apple products and services in 2017 alone, compared with 954 in 2015.

Even though Ma has already issued an apology, reduced the price of battery replacement and included a support article on its website explaining the whole issue, the Chinese agency requires the company to explain more about the causes and measures to be taken. .

The deadline was until Friday, so we will await Apple's announcement, even though it probably only reinforces the arguments in the article and its public apology.

via AppleInsider