After price cuts, sales of iPhones rise up to 83% in China

After price cuts, sales of iPhones rise up to 83% in China

In the first weeks of this year, we commented on the reduction of iPhones prices at Apple resellers in China, a strategy of the Cupertino company to increase the sales volume of the gadget in the country after the disappointing last quarter of decline.

Despite not reducing the value of these devices in their official stores, the subsidy offered to outsourced companies worked very well, thank you – as the Chinese website announced According to data from the Alibaba shopping website, sales of iPhones rose 76% since the last three weeks of last month. Suning, another Chinese retailer, saw Apple’s traffic and sales “explode” with the iPhones 8, 8 Plus and XR (which increased 83% in the same period).

The cut in prices was not the only strategy used by Apple to increase its sales in China, where the company also promotes the promotion of trade-in for customers to replace old iPhone models with new ones in their stores. Apple expects sales to increase mainly this week, when the Chinese New Year is celebrated.

In addition to China, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed last week – after the company’s fiscal results were released – that the company is reevaluating its pricing strategy in some international markets. As we said, Apple intends to align the values ​​of gadgets, like the iPhone, leaving them at a level earlier than the current exchange rate fluctuations.

It is not wrong to say that the reduction of iPhones prices in Brazil is a desire of the nation; therefore, we will continue to hope that the same thing that was done in China will happen here.

via MacRumors