MacBooks Pro with Retina display - back to back

After months, Apple manages to normalize battery stock of the 2012/2013 MacBooks Pro

In mid-2017, we commented that some customers were having problems with the batteries of MacBooks Pro 2012/2013 and, when trying to change the part, they ended up winning brand new MacBooks Pro due to the scarcity of the component top case (which includes, among other things, the battery).

A few months later, Apple stopped offering a new machine to customers, so the alternative was to wait weeks (maybe even months) before the part was available. To compensate for the inconvenience, the customer did not have to pay anything for the exchange.

MacBooks Pro with Retina display - back to back

Now, according to the MacRumors, stocks are finally settled for these computer models. As things have returned to normal, Apple is no longer offering free repairs to customers who need to replace the battery or some other component in the top case (keyboard, trackpad and speaker), according to an internal memo distributed to the stores and Authorized Service Centers obtained through the website.

Outside, the service costs US $ 200 (plus taxes); here in Brazil, Apple charges R $ 1,100 for the replacement of the part.

Perhaps, here in Brazil, inventories are not yet regularized due to logistics, but taking into account that everything is already normalized in the USA, it is a matter of time before everything is settled here as well.