After meeting with Apple executives, analyst does not see «iTV» coming so soon

After meeting with Apple executives, analyst does not see "iTV" coming so soon

THE Fortune Tech recently brought updated information from analyst Andy Hargreaves of Pacific Crest, who met last Wednesday with Peter Oppenheimer, chief financial officer (CFO) at Apple, and Eddy Cue, senior vice president of services and software of internet.

ITV Mockup - Apple TV

According to him, in the conversation Cue would have reiterated, when asked about a possible entry of Apple in the television segment, that the company maintains its “mantra” of only entering new markets if it really feels that it can improve the consumer experience and solve significant problems .

Of course, no Apple executive will confirm the arrival of such a product in advance in a simple meeting with an analyst, but the tone of the conversation suggests that the set is not yet ready – if it is even being worked on. Recently, new information has emerged about the Cupertino firm negotiating deals for Apple TV (and possibly this future HDTV) to work with cable TV channels, but that alone would not be enough – even coupled with a product with impeccable design , both exterior and in terms of interface.

Still, there is a lot of smoke coming out of this rumor for quite some time and from multiple different sources. It is quite possible, yes, that Apple has found the right formula and that we will see this product arrive soon – either before the end of this year or in the beginning of 2013, as some speculate.