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After many protests by taxi drivers, Brazilian justice suspends Uber

When we talk about Uber here on the website for the first time, we inform you that the service arrived in Brazil causing the biggest controversy. This is because, according to Brazilian laws, passenger transportation must be carried out exclusively by taxi drivers and depends on a permit for that.

What happened then? Seeing the success of the service, the Taxi Drivers Union filed lawsuits to ban Uber in Rio de Janeiro and in So Paulo the first cities where the service set up operations in Brazil.

Now, as informed by the Reuters, Uber has to suspend its activities in Brazil under penalty of a daily fine of R $ 100 thousand, reaching a maximum value of R $ 5 million.

Yesterday (Tuesday, 4/28), Justice of So Paulo, more precisely, judge Luiz Corcioli Filho, of the 12th Vara Cvel of the Court of Justice of the State of So Paulo, granted an injunction in favor of the Union. To top it off, Apple is actually all major manufacturers and those responsible for app stores will have to take the app down. Worse, they should remotely disable the app on smartphones on which Uber is installed.

(via Tecnoblog)