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After failures, Samsung Galaxy Fold may be released in July [Rumor]

We have seen the Samsung folding cell phone come up as something amazing and be retracted as an error after crashing. For those who do not remember, the ingenious smartphone was delivered to journalists for testing and in a short time the first units with problems appeared, remember in the video below.

As a statement, Samsung at the time commented that it would thoroughly inspect these units in person to determine the cause of the problem. So far we have not had a detailed statement of what happened and not a release date, which seems to change.


The smartphone has defective the screen and have its launch rescheduled

A Korean website, according to the GSM Arena, seems to have gotten the information that the device will be relaunched in July. According to the source, the date was revealed by a Samsung executive.

Apparently, we will know more about the explanations of the cause of the problem, which changed after Samsung's investigation of the date of arrival of the Galaxy Fold in the market, at the launch event itself.

Until the launch, we will see some press conference or action on Samsung's social networks to disclose a date and more details about the arrival of the folding smartphone.

So far, the Mate X, Huawei's $ 2600 fold-up phone, has gone smoothly. Given that Samsung will have to make significant design changes in order not to fail this time, does the Fold have any resemblance to the Huawei smartphone?

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