After eight beta versions, macOS Sierra 10.12.4 is made available to all users [atualizado 5x: Xcode 8.3, MainStage 3.3 e Logic Remote 1.3.2]

It took eight beta versions, but he is now officially among us: he just painted, on the Mac App Store, the macOS Sierra 10.12.4 for all supported Mac users.

The final build is 16E195.

His big news, without a doubt, is here:

Night Shift on macOS Sierra 10.12.4 betaImage: Marcelo Melo

Yes, one year after being implemented on iOS 9.3, the feature Night Shift now it comes to macOS.

With it activated (within Monitors System Preferences), the system automatically and gradually reduces the incidence of cold / blue lights on the screen at night, which has been proven to impair people's sleep.

The Sierra update also includes the Safari 10.1, encompassing novelties such as CSS Grid Layout, Fetch, IndexedDB 2.0, Custom Elements, , Deep Colors in CSS, form validation, improved position: fixed, support for reduced iOS motion adjustment, Pointer Lock, Gamepads, etc.

Here's the changelog official:

The 10.12.4 update for macOS Sierra improves Mac stability, compatibility and security.

This update:

  • Adds the Night Shift to automatically change the colors of the screen to the hottest part of the color spectrum after sunset;
  • Adds Siri support for obtaining cricket scores and statistics from the Indian Premier League and the International Cricket Council;
  • Adds support for Dictation in Shanghai;
  • Solves several problems of rendering and annotating PDFs in the Preview;
  • Improves the visibility of the subject line when using Conversation View in Mail;
  • Corrects an issue that could prevent content from appearing in Mail messages.

To install it, you have two options: open the Mac App Store and click on the “Updates” tab to view the update, or download the build manually from the Apple website (Delta, Combo) and proceed with the installation.

First of all, of course, make sure you have a backup in hand (if it is through Time Machine, even better).

MacOS Sierra app icon

To those already running the new version of macOS Sierra, share your experiences in the comments below! 😉

Update · 03/27/2017 s 14:31

The final version of the Xcode 8.3 (compilation 8E162).

It brings some good news, but the main one is Swift 3.1 and the iOS 10.3, watchOS 3.2, tvOS 10.2 and macOS Sierra 10.12 SDKs.

Xcode app icon


in Apple

Compatible with Macs

Version 11.3.1 (7.8 GB) Requires macOS 10.14.4 or superior

Update II · 03/27/2017 s 14:49

Another small update of the day: Windows Migration Assistant v2.1.2.0, new version of the software that helps users migrating from Windows PCs to Mac.

Update III · 03/27/2017 s 15:11

For those who are still on previous versions of OS X macOS, Apple today also released security updates for them:

As always, these updates are highly recommended.

Update IV · 03/27/2017 s 15:35

On a related note, yet another Apple software for macOS was updated today: the MainStage 3.3.

MainStage 3 app icon

What's new in version 3.3

  • New modern interface;
  • Touch Bar support on MacBook Pro lets you access favorite shortcuts with customizable master command sets;
  • Play software instruments on the Touch Bar using a musical keyboard with piano keys or scale mode;
  • Activate drum pads with the Touch Bar while controlling the speed and repetition of notes;
  • Real stereo balance provides greater control and independent manipulation of stereo signals;
  • Assign software instruments directly as the source of side chains;
  • Bus routes now appear in the plug-in side chain menus;
  • MIDI plugins can be used to control plug-in parameters creatively;
  • New Loudness Meter plug-in with medium LUFS support;
  • Support for Logic Remote 1.3.2.

With him he left, as pointed out by the changelog above, the Logic Remote 1.3.2:

Logic Remote app icon

What's new in version 1.3.2

This update contains stability improvements and bug fixes.

Update V · 03/27/2017 s 17:38

Version 5.3 of macOS Server is now available on the Mac App Store, also packed with news, changes and fixes.

MacOS Server app icon