After disagreements, Tim Cook and Donald Trump meet in Davos

Donald Trump e Tim Cook

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, is in Davos (Switzerland) for the World Economic Forum (WEM), where he met the President of the United States, Donald Trump – informed the Bloomberg.

Apparently, Cook met with Trump and the CEO of IBM, Ginni Rometty, to discuss a new campaign that aims to “highlight various ways of offering education”.

It is nothing new that the executive tries to maintain a cordial relationship with Trump, despite clear ideological differences. Last November, the two met at the factory where the new Mac Pro is assembled, in the US state of Texas – and until then everything would seem to be fine.

However, the fact that Apple refused to unlock a terrorist’s iPhones in the U.S. (after Trump «demanded» that the company do so) may be causing some tension between them. In fact, the American president again asked Apple to commit to unlocking iPhones seized in criminal cases during an interview for the CNBC, saying that the Apple “holds the key to many criminal minds”:

Frankly, I helped them [a Apple] much. I gave them tax breaks because they are a big company, but what difference did it make? They could have given us that information [desbloqueado o iPhone do atirador]. It would have been very useful. Apple has to help us, and I believe that very much.

Since landing in Ireland earlier this week, Cook has met with several political figures, like the prime ministers of Croatia, Finland and Spain. As we reported, the Apple CEO has advocated tax reform in Europe while the European Union is trying to approve more taxes on multinationals, like Apple itself.

via MacRumors, 9to5Mac