After controversy, Consumer Reports will retest with newly released MacBooks Pro

As it always does when a new Apple product launches (really new, we're not talking about occasional upgrades or something), Consumer Reports try to evaluate it and give its verdict, recommending or not the new creation of Apple for the public. The New MacBooks Pro with Touch BarObviously, they were tested and failed because of a huge inconsistency in the batteries.

Apple quickly, represented by its vice president of worldwide marketing (Phil Schiller), said it was working closely with the vehicle to understand the test results. And today both explained what happened.

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Thanks for the opportunity to work with Consumer Reports during the holidays to understand the results of your battery tests. We found that when testing battery life on notebooks, Consumer Reports used a hidden Safari setting for website creation that disables cache browser

According to CR, they even enable this option as part of browser testing because the goal is to load all pages as new (instead of enjoying a content already stored on the machine). This, according to the magazine, enables data collection and a more consistent result when testing several notebooks, as well as providing additional battery difficulty.

The problem that Apple said this option of Safari that is hidden and does not reflect the common use of a client was with an obscure bug that caused the page icons to reload intermittently which must have greatly influenced the tests.

After requesting CR to retest with that feature disabled, the result matched Apple's reported battery life expectancy. Because of this, the CR is reviewing everything. Ah, the bug in question was fixed in the third beta of macOS 10.12.3, released yesterday.

Apple or CR's fault? In my view, both. I don't think this option should be enabled because it doesn't really reflect the common usage of a person surfing the internet; On the other hand, if macOS didn't have a bug, the result would be different and the polemics would be avoided.

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