New complete line of MacBooks Pro

After controversy, Consumer Reports will do new tests with the recently launched MacBooks Pro

As it always does when a new Apple product is released (really new, we’re not talking about one-off upgrades or anything like that), Consumer Reports tries to evaluate it and give its verdict, recommending or not recommending the new creation of Apple to the public. The new MacBooks Pro with Touch BarObviously, they were tested – and failed due to a huge inconsistency in the batteries.

Apple, represented by its vice president of worldwide marketing (Phil Schiller), quickly said that it was working with the vehicle to understand the test results. And today they both explained what happened.

New complete line of MacBooks Pro

We appreciate the opportunity to work with Consumer Reports during the holidays to understand the results of your battery tests. We found that when testing battery life on notebook computers, Consumer Reports used a hidden Safari setting for creating websites that disables the cache browser …

According to CR, they even activate this option as part of the tests in the browsers because the objective is to load all pages as being new (instead of taking advantage of content already stored on the machine). This, according to the magazine, enables data collection and a more consistent result when testing several notebooks – in addition to providing an additional difficulty for the battery.

The whole problem is that, according to Apple, this option of Safari – which is hidden and does not reflect the common use of a customer – had an obscure bug, which caused the icons on the page to be reloaded intermittently – which should have greatly influenced the tests.

After asking CR to perform the tests again with the feature disabled, the result matched the battery life expectancy reported by Apple. As a result, CR is reviewing everything. Ah, the bug in question was fixed in the third beta version of macOS 10.12.3, released yesterday.

Apple or CR’s fault? In my view, of the two. I do not think this option should be enabled as it does not really reflect the common use of a person who is browsing the internet; on the other hand, if macOS didn’t have a bug, the result would be different and the controversy would be avoided.

MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

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