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After consoles and video games, Atari will dedicate himself to a chain of eight themed hotels in the USA

It is true that, in recent years, Atari has been trying to gain popularity by appealing to the most nostalgic gamers with resurrected versions of their classic consoles. However, its urea times are long gone and the company has encountered some difficulties in staying afloat in the competitive video game market. Thus, Atari decided to expand horizons and try its luck in the real estate market.

The video game company signed an agreement with True North Studio and the GSD Group, two US real estate developers, to build eight themed hotels in the United States.

According to Atari, hotels will have a strong inspiration in the world of video games, including spaces dedicated to immersive experiences in virtual and augmented reality and even stadiums for eSports events. Its exterior already has a retro-futuristic design with the characteristic logo of the company highlighted and illuminated by non-red lights.

Although Atari does not have full creative control, it will receive a total of 5% of the profits generated by the hotel chain, having already received 600,000 dollars as soon as it signed the agreement. The first hotel already has an estimated arrival date for this year, located in Phoenix, Arizona. If everything goes as planned, then the cities of Austin, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle will follow for the next few years.