After changes, Twitter promises to improve APIs for third-party customers

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Those who followed the technological news last year certainly knew about the controversial decision of the Twitter, which fundamentally changed APIs which enabled third-party customers to function and, in the process, removed crucial features from popular applications like Tweetbot it’s the Twitterrific.

The developers, of course, have complained profusely about the change and have been trying to balance accounts since then; Twitter, in turn, justified the decision from the perspective of technology and the fact that it needed, more and more, the advertising revenue that was provided only with the use of its official apps. Now, however, there is hope.

In an interview today at the Twitter News Summit, the CEO Jack Dorsey stated that the bird’s social network was too strict in changing APIs and that “changes are on the way” – but without specifying what these changes will be or when they will arrive.

“We need to further decentralize Twitter. We exaggerate in changing our API. Now, we will change that. ” – @jack

Either way, the news is sure to make the affected developers unleash fires: over the past year, celebrated Twitter customers have had to wiggle to keep their consumers, justifying the loss of resources with monthly / price discounts and trying to differentiate themselves by other means, increasingly rarefied.

On the Twitter side, the reason for such an announcement can only have one reason: the network is seeing ever lower levels of engagement (today, by the way, $ TWTR has plunged more than 20% on the NYSE!), And certainly the strategy centralizing users in their official apps did not work as well as expected.

It remains to be seen, now, if this promised change of course will be able to recover lost users – what do you think?

via 9to5Mac