After being dispensed by Apple and losing 70% of its value, Imagination Technologies is for sale.

After being dispensed by Apple and losing 70% of its value, Imagination Technologies is for sale.

Ah, the vicissitudes of the tech world

One day you are at the top, and the next, with the fluttering wings of a butterfly on the other side of the world, everything falls apart. Let him tell Imagination Technologies: Apple has for years been Apple's partner in the development and supply of graphics chips for iGadgets, Apple Watches and Apple TVs, and throughout this period enjoyed financial prosperity that it has never had for the remainder of its 32 years of existence.

Then, with a swift and deadly blow, Apple announced in April that, within two years at the most, it will cease to use the British manufacturer's products and intellectual properties for its own solutions. The result was immediate: Imagination, which had half its turnover from Ma, saw its shares plummet 70% in the blink of an eye.

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Image: https://futureworlds/imagination-technologies/

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In an almost perfect application of the Kbler-Ross Model, the company demonstrated several of the most common stages of human suffering: first, a denial phase in which it stated that Apple could not go without its properties without infringing on various patents; then the anger phase, threatening to sue Apple if Cupertino's company put its plan into practice. Then came the negotiating phase, when Imagination said it was initiating “a resolution process” with Tim Cook and his class to discuss the possible pending breach. The depression phase is up to investors looking at their bank accounts, of course.

Now comes the last phase: acceptance. According to Reuters, Imagination is finally putting up sale as a single option to continue operating as it operates today.

Imagination Technologies announces that over the past few weeks it has received offers from a number of partners for a potential acquisition of the group as a whole. As a result, Imagination's board decided to initiate a formal sale process for the group and is involved in preliminary discussions with potential buyers.

It is not known exactly who will be the "savior" of the British manufacturer, but it is speculated that, among those interested, are Intel, a Qualcomm, a Mediatek It is a series of Chinese companies. Nothing has been mentioned about the possibility that Apple itself could take the scorpion out of its pocket and finish Imagination, which, if you think about it, would be a formidable misunderstanding considering that the whole situation began precisely because Cupertino dismissed the company claiming that it wanted to develop its own graphic solutions.

The fact: With the announcement of the sale, Imagination's shares rose 21% in a few hours, bringing its market value to 425 million. That is, it is not just a matter of the British being on the right track at this point in the championship, this is probably the only way forward.

via Cult of Mac