After becoming a native app, iBooks takes off with 1 million new users per week

After becoming a native app, iBooks takes off with 1 million new users per week

What a “simple” decision doesn't do

cone - iBooks for iOS 7

With the launch of iOS 8, Apple decided to natively distribute applications iBooks and Podcasts. This has some negative consequences, such as taking up precious space on devices with smaller capacities (an 8GB iPhone, for example) after all, such native apps cannot be uninstalled.

On the other hand, promoting an app to a native makes many people who did not know it start to try it. The result of this, according to Keith Moerer (director of iBooks) who attended the World Digital Book Conference (Digital Book World Conference), was that the Apple book platform is gaining about 1 million new users per week.

Of course, many other factors contribute to more and more people discovering and using the iBooks app on iPhones, such as the huge iPhone 6 Plus screen (which makes reading on a smartphone a lot easier) and the Family Sharing feature (which makes it very content acquisition for children is simpler).

Moerer also talked a lot about other details of the iBooks Store, such as: the segment of independent books are those that grow the most; Apple does not receive money to highlight books / authors (all 100% based on editorial); Spanish books are becoming a big part of the American store; Among other things.

iTunes Radio

If the experience is working with iBooks, I do not doubt that Apple also distributes iTunes Radio in the same way on iOS 9. This came to be considered for iOS 8, but I believe that, because it is a service available only to us USA and Australia, it didn't make much sense to turn it into a native app at that time. However, as soon as iTunes Radio is released in European countries and in some other countries, Brazil has everything to enter into this, too, the idea will make much more sense.

(via MacRumors)