After barred, Podcaster app is back on the App Store, with another name

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It seems that Apple is really reviewing its concepts. After going back with programs of dubious taste, like Pull My Finger and iFart, she now decided to release the application Podcaster, which caused controversy last year when it was removed from the online store.

Podcaster back

It all started in September, when Apple decided to reject the program, which allowed downloading podcasts directly on the device (a function that did not exist at the time). He didn’t break any rules in the SDK, but he ended up hearing the excuse that “duplicated functionality with iTunes“. The revolt was general, with some developers voluntarily abandoning the App Store.

But after letting the dust settle and launch a firmware that included the same function (what a coincidence!), Apple just approved an application by the same author, the RSS Player, which is practically the Podcaster, but without the directory. It downloads audio files from RSS feeds, very common in most podcasts. With that, he does not need to go through iTunes, nor respect the restriction of files larger than 10MB, which generally can only be downloaded via wi-fi. That is, you can download podcasts in whatever size, directly over the cellular network, wherever you are (of course, it is recommended that you have a good data plan for this).

Was it a change in Apple’s attitude or did it just not even realize that it was the same app?

I just know that now we just need to go back NetShare (which allowed the use of the phone as a modem) and the I am Rich, who despite being an idiot, theoretically had no reason to be expelled from the App Store.

Apple owns the ball that changes the rules in the middle of the game …