After Apple Watch, now you can turn your iPhone into a mini Macintosh thanks to this stand

At the beginning of the year, we talked here about the W3 Stand, elago's support for Apple Watch that turns the watch into a miniature reproduction of the original Macintosh, from 1984.

Cute, isn't it? We all love it.

The problem: not many of us have Apple Watches; but many of us have iPhones, right? Because it must have been thinking about that that elago now launched the M4 Stand.

Elago M4 Stand for iPhones

The newest support from the accessory manufacturer brings, as well as its smaller brother to Apple Watch, a design very similar to that of the first Macintosh, from the small opening for floppy disks (unfortunately not functional) to the characteristic beige tone.

The only element that is missing the apple in the colors of the rainbow and it would look so cool that I am already cursing the laws of trademark rights internally.

The support is compatible with iPhones 6, 6s and 7 unfortunately, for now, there seems to be no plans to make a version for the Plus models.

Internally, there is a soft silicone coating for maximum protection of your precious device; the M4 Stand also has an opening on the inside so you can adjust the volume of the iPhone, and two cavities for cable management.

Elago M4 Stand for iPhones

In addition to the traditional beige summer, elago also sells a model of the stand in black.

Both cost US $ 35 on the manufacturer's official website and are already on sale on Amazon, for the same price.

(via MacRumors)