After Anatel, Anonymous invades the Public Ministry


Last week we commented on the case on AnonymousBR has “hijacked” some Anatel computers Through a Ransomware, this time the target is the Public Ministry.

As with the Anatel invasion, the announcement of the attack on the Public Prosecutor’s Office was made on the Facebook page from AnonymousBR, where they published the following:

“So… Did you think it was just Anatel?

We recently had access to over 1,000 emails from the Public Ministry of Mato Grosso do Sul.

During the time we had these accesses, we managed to capture almost 20 GB of sensitive information.

The material is being analyzed and will be released soon by WikiLeaks.

In addition, several MP-MS computers were also encrypted. Its intranet and webmail servers are still completely down. Only Anonymous has the passwords.

We denounce and repudiate the paramilitary action carried out by farmers against families of native peoples that has been taking place in the region for years.

The Ministry of Justice, the main responsible for the paralysis of the demarcations, once again, neglected its responsibilities to protect indigenous rights.

We do not.

Anonymous ”

What is your opinion about Anonyous’ actions in Brazil?