After an overwhelming start, film “Steve Jobs” disappoints at the box office

After an overwhelming start, film “Steve Jobs” disappoints at the box office

After an overwhelming start, it seems that things are not so good for the film "Steve Jobs".

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The production debuted in the United States on October 9 and had a gross revenue of more than $ 130,000 per room during the largest average weekend in 2015, the 15th largest in history and the best debut of director Danny Boyle's career. It was, however, limited to just a few rooms (by choice of Universal Pictures itself, to generate buzz), reaching more than 2,000 movie theaters last weekend.

Expectations were high, but the film disappointed. According to the Variety, he raised just $ 7.3 million (7th most viewed weekend), slightly more than the $ 6.7 million that “jOBS” (independent film about the co-founder and former Apple CEO, starring Ashton Kutcher). Apparently, the new film has so far raised about $ 10 million.

The production cost about US $ 30 million to make and about the same amount was used for promotion. Even though “Steve Jobs” is on display in the USA and will debut in several countries throughout the year in Brazil, for example, it will only be shown in January 2016, we are talking about a highly important market for Universal and that should collect values much bigger if everything was going according to plan.

What went wrong? Hard to say. THE Variety puts the choice of Michael Fassbender as one of the problems (despite being a great actor, he wouldn’t have enough strength to carry such a film commercially speaking), but it also lists the timing of the premiere, the way the film was promoted in the trailers, among other things.

Universal, of course, continues to bet heavily on it especially if it continues to be shown in movie theaters until a possible Oscar nomination.

Are we facing a commercial failure?

(via The Loop)