After an incident in front of his home, Dr. Dre is handcuffed by the police – and then released without charge

Dr. Dre

Member of Apple’s executive team since the billionaire purchase of Beats Electronics, Dr. Dre has its history of problems with the police, as we could all see, even in the film «Straight Outta Compton» who, incidentally, was accused of appeasing some facts of the rapper’s life.

This morning, the musician caught a glimpse of his troubled past when the police were called to the front of his home in Malibu (California, United States) by a driver who was on the scene.

Dr. Dre

The driver reported that he was standing in front of Dr. Dre’s home (artistic name of Andre Romelle Young) just before noon, when the rapper appeared with a gun ordering him to leave. The police were called and handcuffed Dr. Dre, who, according to the police themselves, was ?cooperative and understanding with the search?. The police found no weapons at the crime scene, so they released the musician without charge.

According to Dr. Dre himself, the driver was blocking the exit of his car, so he asked for the vehicle to be removed from there. The driver then got out and returned minutes later, stopping at the same spot, then Dr. Dre got out again, this time with his cell phone, recording the man, who got out again. According to the TMZWhen the rapper took out his cell phone to film the situation, the unidentified man said: ?There we go again. Another black guy with a gun. ?

Dr. Dre’s lawyers declined to comment.

(via AppleInsider)