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After almost 5 years, BBEdit text / code editor returns to Mac App Store

Who's been in the Mac world for a long time and has been working (or likes to move) with programming certainly knows the BBEdit, one of the most famous publishers of its kind. Once upon a time, the Bare Bones Software application was sold on the Mac App Store, but it was removed from the store nearly five years ago because it did not conform to Apple's distributed software rules. Now, finally, he's back.

BBEdit app icon

And the return was made possible due to an elementary change made by the developer: from version 12.6, BBEdit comes to support sandboxing MacOS is not an App Store requirement that changes the way the app interacts with the system and other programs.

Apple itself had already highlighted the return of the BBEdit App Store in the last WWDC, when it renewed its Mac application store other software cited, at the time, include Transmit and those of its Office. Now, almost ten months later, the text editor has finally found his way back to the store.

BBEdit distributed on the Mac App Store is subscription only and costs R $ 16 monthly or R $ 158 per year, with 30 days of free trials for anyone who wants to get an idea of ​​how the app works. If you prefer, you can buy single licenses for $ 50 but only on the Bare Bones website.

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