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After all, will "iPhone SE 2" bring similar design to that of iPhone X? Sources differ…

New iPhones will arrive in a few months, and one of them remains the biggest unknown: the iPhone SE.

We know some reasonable details about the (supposed) three handsets that I will replace the iPhone 8/8 Plus / X trade soon, but the smaller brother of Ma's smartphones remains shrouded in doubt that even questions its existence in the near future.

The latest rumor about a possible “iPhone SE 2” surfaced a few weeks ago, stating that the pet would arrive without a headphone jack, but still with Touch ID ie quite possibly a design similar to the current without adopting the style iPhone X (and not Face ID, of course). Now as shown by the AppleInsider, the slightly different thing.

Possible glass film from

The site points to photos, appearing on Chinese social network Weibo, showing glass films for the supposed new iPhone SE. From the images, it can be inferred that the device will, after all, bring the screen design of the iPhone X, with clipping and no Touch ID this, of course, if the information proceeds.


During the week, the 9to5Mac It also brought evidence that the iPhone SE 2 would have this radical change in design. First of all with the Olinco technical drawings and accessory photos for the new handset (above), which show a very different cut in the upper part of the notch iPhone X, alis, with an angled design.

Today, the site published renders 3D from the same accessory manufacturer that show (below) the supposed new device with the "infinite" screen on the front and a glass back, certainly to enable wireless recharging.

Possible rendering of iPhone SE 2

Cropped screen or no!

Ben Geskin, designer and insider Apple's world, however, is not so sure the rumors are coming. Geskin, who has a good track record of the rumors he publishes, cited his “main source” in stating that the next iPhone SE will not bring drastic changes in design or screen, with its biggest difference in the rear that would actually be glass. , as in the rest of the line.

Needless to say, my main source is saying that the SE2 will have the same design (and screen) as the first SE, but with a glass back.

That "iPhone SE 2" will soon exist, at least doubts are already very few. Other insider From the smartphone world, Evan Blass (also known for his leaks and discoveries) showed on Twitter that the project is alive and already has a code to call his own (which we of course can't see):

Let us therefore wait for the scenes of the next chapters to learn the truth about the fabulous fate of the cheapest iPhone. What are your expectations?