After all, why does Microsoft insist on comparing the Surface Pro 3 with the MacBook Air?

We’ve already highlighted here on the website some Microsoft commercials that they’re trying to show users of MacBooks Air the coolest quo have a Surface Pro 3. I have a lot of doubts as to whether this Microsoft strategy is having the desired effect, but regardless, the company continues to bet on it. The ball of the hour: a website fully focused on the transition from MacBook Air to Surface Pro 3.

Surface Pro 3

The site is based on four pillars: 1. Introduction to Windows; 2. Surface Pro 3 for MacBook users; 3. Moving your content to Surface Pro 3; and 4. Using Surface Pro 3 with iPhone, iCloud and iTunes.

But the question: why on earth does Microsoft insist on comparing the Surface Pro 3 with the MacBook Air and not with the iPad, for example? The truth is that if she did that, she would already “lose” at the start due to the price. While the Microsoft product costs between $ 800 and $ 1,850, the iPad Air 2 is between $ 500 and $ 830.

But we have to take into account that the Surface Pro 3 does more things than the iPad, after all it is a hybrid (a mixture of tablet and notebook). Since it is a two-in-one, it makes a lot more sense to compare it with the more “strong / complete” product (a notebook) and show that it is still “superior” because it also offers the benefits of a tablet.

In doing so, the price comparison makes more sense. The most basic MacBook Air runs for $ 900 while the most expensive is $ 1,750 ($ 100 less and $ 100 more than Surface Pro 3 prices).

However, the problem in this story is one: software. Microsoft just forgets that normally, who owns an Apple notebook, not only loves the company's ecosystem as the OS X experience prefers. . When a person buys a MacBook, the main reason is OS X.

Microsoft is even able to support the Apple ecosystem thanks to iTunes and the iCloud Panel for Windows (both developed by Apple). With them, users are able to use the Apple cloud service and synchronize their iGadgets with the information stored on the Surface Pro 3. But the “OS X” part is hopeless, there is nothing to do. And without it, many integrations between iOS and OS X end up being lost.

I don't particularly like this strategy of merging two products into one. In my view, the Surface Pro 3 turns out to be neither a good tablet nor a good notebook. And that's clear when comparing it with iPads and MacBooks Air: no matter who, Microsoft's product ends up losing as both iProducts offer, in their due areas, better experience.

iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2

Price: from R $ 1,871.10 (or up to 24x from R $ 98.73)Colors: space gray, silver and goldCapabilities: 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GBRelease: October 2014

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MacBooks Air

MacBook Air

Price: from R $ 4,859.10 (or up to 24x from R $ 256.41)Models: 11 and 13 inchesCurrent generation: beginning of 2014

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