After all, is Android or not Linux? [Vídeo]

You have heard of the "real Scottish bankruptcy" because it happens a lot in the technology world, in the Linux world it would be no different. But after all, what makes something Linux or not?

Android Linux?

As my friend Gabriel says, "no rumors", once and for all, Android Linux SIM! Based on the basic assumption that "Linux" the Kernel and Android use this same Kernel, however, modified by Google and the manufacturers to meet specific needs. Modify software, things from Free Software. Check out the video below where Gabriel explains to us in more detail the issue:

Want to know where the real Scottish bankruptcy comes in? when someone claims that Android Linux and someone else say "no, no", you show a lot of evidence like this from the video and the person then says "Ah, but Android is not a real Linux", well, the bankruptcy .

What defines a system as "being Linux" or not being the Linux kernel as the base system, Android has, Android Linux. Of course, it is not a Linux distribution like most, like the ones we use on the Desktop, although there are versions of it for such a medium.

If you say that Linux running on satellites is "a real Linux", and it can't be used on your desktop either, why would Android be any different?

I think we killed this subject at once, hit here! O/

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