After a long time, Mac mini returns to sales success for Apple

After a long time, Mac mini returns to sales success for Apple

Okay, the iMac drew all the media attention in its latest review, launched in October, but who is also contributing to Apple's desktop sales soaring in ways the Mac mini, a machine that it has already been considered “discontinued” by people with sources on the subject. Along with the iMac, the small desktop made Apple's sales in the sector rise 74%, according to recent data from the NPD.

Today, Mac mini can be purchased in relatively good configurations for those who want to use it as a perfect common desktop as a first Mac or as media center, a creative use tip that many of our readers adopt. At the Apple Online Store Brasil, the cheapest model costs R $ 2,000 and comes with 2GB of RAM, 160GB of HD and processor dual-core 2.26GHz, while the “top of the line” comes with 4GB of RAM, 320GB of HD and a similar 2.53GHz processor.

However, one of the great highlights of Apple related to the Mac mini is not yet accessible for Brazilian consumers: it is about its edition server, which brings a second HD in place of SuperDrive and offers 1TB of storage on two 500GB drives each, not to mention Mac OS X Server 10.6 Snow Leopard as the operating system. An analysis made by the NPD in conjunction with the AppleInsider proves that the small desktop configured as a server is the cheapest corporate machine on the market, even compared to much less fast solutions running Windows:

For $ 1,000, corporate users can purchase a server with everything they need to get it up and running to support an unlimited number of users although they have to deal with processing restrictions, remember. However, the table above shows that low-cost enterprise hardware solutions that exist outside the Mac ecosystem cost at least $ 2,910, almost three times as much, and do not support more than 75 users.

With such an offer, NPD believes that investing in the Mac as a corporate solution for small businesses will become a good recommendation in the future, depending on the tasks and applications performed. strange to see that the issue server Mac Minino is available for purchase in Brazil, but in any case, the small desktop remains the best way to attract users to the Apple system at the lowest possible price.