After 8 months of mess, BlueMail returns to the Mac App Store

Screenshot do app BlueMail

We recently covered here an imbroglio between the developer Blix and the Apple involving accusations of manipulation of the App Store rankings and even an invitation for other developers to unite against Apple.

In parallel to this, it had been eight months since the BlueMail was out of the Mac App Store and, even as Blix faces Apple in court, the email client returned to the store today.

BlueMail app icon

In a press release, Blix continues to make attacks on Apple saying that Apple has not been very willing in recent months to resolve the BlueMail problem.

Apple, in turn, explained to the MacRumors that simply applied BlueMail the same rules / requirements to which all developers who publish apps in their store are also subject and that the email client was not properly prepared to protect its users against malware and the like.

One of the claims of Ben Volach, co-founder of Blix, is that Apple would have removed BlueMail from the Mac App Store in an unfair and abusive way to undermine competition – but the argument falls apart when we note that the iOS version of BlueMail remained available this time there, as well as several other email clients for macOS: Airmail, Canary Mail, Kiwi for Gmail and Wave Mail are some examples.

Blix, of course, says that even so its fight with Apple is «far from over». And we will follow the next chapters.