After 2 years, Itaú’s app finally adopts Touch ID

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THE Touch ID is the fingerprint sensor introduced in the iPhone 5s, which allows unlocking the device more securely, using the user’s fingerprint as a validator. A year later, in 2014, Apple started allowing apps from the App Store to use the sensor for identity authentication, which made life easier for everyone. The first thing that was thought is that it would benefit the banks, and in fact the main ones in the world quickly adopted this novelty.

In Brazil, things are generally slower, but even so, several banks have worked to offer this facility to their customers. Bradesco, Banco do Brasil and even smaller institutions, such as Sicoob, were quick to incorporate Touch ID into their applications. Ironically, the bank that says “digitau” was the one that took the longest to make life easier for its customers, who are only now able to enjoy a novelty that was available two years ago. Even Santander was «faster».

The update happened in the middle of last week, with the introduction of Touch ID authentication. The update also brought a new face to the application, which adopted the visual trend more clean of Banco do Brasil.

TouchITau2 TouchITau3

However, the iPad version has not been updated, unfortunately. Same thing for the Personnalitè version, and customers of this type of account will have to use the Itaú 30 horas application, normal.

On the other hand, whoever has a Company account has also gained some news, despite not having the Touch ID (which should be adopted 3 years from now, due to the normal pace of the business account). The Itaú Empresas app finally got iToken built-in, which allows you to make transactions directly on the device, without having to enter any code. In this case, both the iPhone and iPad apps have been updated, but iToken can only be installed on one device only, for security reasons.


As soon as the update was released, some customers struggled to access their accounts, but on Friday another update promised to fix all problems.