AFP and Google reach agreement to publish content on the news channel

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Google and France-Presse reached an agreement to distribute content prepared by the European news agency on the search platform online. In a joint communiqué, both parties assure that the parameters regarding copyright protection that have been opposed by companies since 2005 are resolved.

The lawsuit was filed by the news agency – in the United States and France – and aimed at financial compensation for damages associated with the distribution of protected content, without permission, on Google News.

According to the document issued by the companies, this agreement «will allow the use of AFP content in different ways […] improving internet users’ access to information online.

The partnership between AFP and Google comes eight months after the American company entered into an agreement with the Associated Press that provides for the payment of all published content produced by the agency. On the other hand, the terms of the agreement with AFP were not made known.

Google has been facing some cases of a ban on content disclosure. Shortly after France-Presse filed the lawsuit, Copiepresse, a rights protection company in the Belgian press, made an identical decision. Following the complaint, a Belgian court ruled that Google News had to stop publishing the contents of that country’s newspapers if it did not pay for its use.

With the agreement established between the two companies AFP joins Google to its range of allies where names such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Time Warner, AOL and other content distributors are already found. online.

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