Affinity Publisher publishing software gets final version for macOS and Windows

Affinity Publisher

The developer Serif is responsible for two very popular applications for macOS and iOS, the Affinity Photo it’s the Affinity Designer. The company’s third creation, desktop publishing software Affinity Publisher, was available in beta on macOS and Windows since last August; now, it has won an official release with the arrival of its definitive version.

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Competing directly with Adobe InDesign, Affinity Publisher is sold as an affordable and easy-to-use publishing solution, but no less powerful than the competition. The software is ideal for creating graphic designs for magazines, newspapers, reports, posters, flyers, banners and even complete books.

Here we have all the tools necessary to unite text, graphics and images in all possible arrangements, export these files to ready-to-print formats and adjust their colors in every way imaginable. The software supports double pages, master pages, granular control of text and letter shapes, insertion of images and graphics with intelligent scaling options, connection of text windows, advanced tools for graphic tables and much more.

It also draws attention to the wide range of file formats supported by Affinity Publisher: you can include elements in EPS, PSD, SVG, GIF, AI, PDF, JPG, TIFF or PNG in your projects, in addition to the native Affinity files themselves. Within the app, we have a complete editing tool to adjust its elements without having to resort to other software; it even has a complete Pantone library for color adjustments, and supports RGB, LAB, CMYK or grayscale spaces.

Serif says a version of Affinity Publisher for iPad is on the way, but while it doesn’t arrive, users will be able to open and edit (in a basic way) software files in Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer for tablets.

Another advantage (for some, at least) of the application in relation to InDesign is the business model: unlike the subscription required by Adobe, Affinity Publisher is sold separately. It can now be purchased by R $ 150 on the Mac App Store (or for $ 40 on its official website, in versions for macOS and Windows).

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