Affinity Photo iPad app halves price to provoke Adobe

This November, Adobe released the long-awaited iPad version of the Photoshop, which promises to make it easier for professionals who use both tablet and computer.

However, many complained about the limitations of functions in this first version, as it was more than a year of development. In addition to charging a monthly subscription to use, there are already other options on the App Store that do much more than Adobe's solution.

Taking advantage of the wave of criticism, the Affinity Photo app halved its price, which alone is less than a simple Photoshop monthly fee.

THE Affinity Photo It is considered an excellent graphical manipulation application, with advanced options in the iPad version. With the absence of Photoshop, it has gained space in the market, being one of the preferred options of professionals in the field.

Now Adobe's solution has finally been introduced, but it is being hit hard on two points: the lack of more advanced functions and the constant payment model through subscription.

Picture 9to5mac

The people at Affinity Photo wasted no time: they halved the price of the app, which ends up costing less than a simple monthly subscription to Adobe. In Brazil, it costs $ 37.90, while the Photoshop iPad plan costs $ 40.90 per month.

And on the competitor's website, they make it clear: without subscription and 50% off. In fact, you only have to pay once to get access to the full application and its future updates.

Of course, for those who work with Adobe and already have access to Creative Cloud packages on other platforms, using Photoshop on the iPad is free of charge. But if you just want to have a powerful graphics tool on your tablet and are looking for a solution, Adobe's monthly values ​​end up weighing heavily in your pocket. For a single price, Affinity turns out to be the best choice from a cost / benefit standpoint.

For those who want to take advantage of the price reduction, the link to Affinity is this.