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Realizing an idea that has already matured in the company, AEIOU has just entered the world of blogs with the acquisition of the community, created and up to now maintained by journalist Paulo Querido through, Contents and Services for Communications. The value of the deal was not revealed but Armando Baptista, General Director of AEIOU, Investimentos Multimédia, assured TeK that the company’s main objective is to maintain and develop the community of blogs, bringing it also greater visibility through the creation of its own space in the home page from the AEIOU portal.

The agreement between the two parties was reached «in a very short time» and was officially announced yesterday, with no interruption in service to bloggers hosted on, guaranteed TeK Armando Baptista. AEIOU promises to continue investing in improving the services provided to the community, namely in terms of some aspects already identified, such as the limits of disk space and increased bandwidth, as well as the persistence of the content of blogs beyond what is currently guaranteed.

In a statement Paulo Querido says that the Weblog community is better in the hands of AEIOU than in his own, admitting that «it has been difficult for a journalist with some free time and an entrepreneurial spirit to manage a project that he did not know how to scale». Confessing himself «as satisfied as he is relieved» by the agreement, Paulo Querido adds that «AEIOU, Investimentos Multimedia SA has been doing this for ten years, has competent people ([…] and, VERY IMPORTANT, knows how to build community loyalty by respecting them «.

Speaking to TeK Armando Baptista admits to being convinced that this service can be one of the biggest in AEIOU and outlines as a short-term objective, in terms of days, the creation of a space on the portal’s homepage from which the posts most recent.

The General Director of AEIOU assured TeK that the company’s idea is to keep hosting Weblogs free, but that he intends to follow the model that underlies the business of the portal, with the introduction of commercial exploitation of advertising. Such advertising will, however, only be applied to the pages of blogs before users’ agreement.

Armando Baptista adds that commercial profitability is not the primary objective of AEIOU, with the maintenance and expansion of the faithful community of blogs that Paulo Querido managed to gather in this space.

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