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Advertising and apps in numbers: statistics and forecasts

Without a doubt, we can approach without any chance of making mistakes: apps and success. To give you an idea, the Android Market already accounts for around 10 billion app downloads. For the user, total happiness. But what about the app developer? At first, of course, a lot of happiness. But how can it refinance your product?

In this respect a change seems to be coming. THE Apple, for example, has set a reasonably long time to sell your apps. Despite this, it turns out that their readiness to pay them is undergoing a decline. Software development companies have had to adapt, bringing to market a good mix of free and paid versions of their products. It follows from the growing importance that advertising has in all this history.

The following infographic shows some statistics and predictions about app advertising (known as In-App-Advertising). The company that released it, Buysellads, considers that in the next four years the volume of advertising should increase by up to ten times, resulting in a gain of around 900 million dollars. Let's say it's a modest figure, especially if you keep in mind that the Angry Birds creator, the Rovio, moves more than 1 million dollars per month with advertising.

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