Advertisers are dissatisfied with new iOS 14 privacy rules

It is nothing new that, each year, Apple adds new features to its operating systems to improve the privacy and reduce the action of trackers, Cookies and other elements used by advertisers to follow users on the internet. Like iOS 14, it will be no different – but the news announced by Apple are already causing controversy.

According to the Reuters, a group of 16 European digital advertisers criticized some changes implemented by Apple in its new mobile operating system – all referring, of course, to the new privacy rules that will arrive in the update.

I explain: on iOS 14, any application that wants to track the user to show ads targeted to them will need to be granted this permission individually – unlike before, when there was only one global option by which the user could allow or deny trackers across all sites and apps.

IOS 14 pop-up where the user can grant or deny access to trackers in applicationsIOS 14 popup by which the user can grant or deny access to trackers in applications.

That’s where the problem lies. According to Old World advertisers, the European Union already has a clear rule for tracking users: within the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), apps and websites need user consent to use them in trackers. That is, on iOS 14, European users will need to grant two permissions of the type: one on the application itself (for the GDPR), and another at the system level (for the iOS).

Advertisers say that Apple’s decision goes against the advertising industry’s system, and that the fact that users need to grant access twice will give the impression that that act is dangerous or harmful – thus leading to a greater number of refusals and weakening the industry. According to the article, the Google it’s the Facebook support some of the advertisers within the complainant group.

In contrast, the report cited a session held at WWDC20 last week, in which Apple engineers recalled that ads that do not track the user do not need permission to appear. Advertisers who adopt this model will have access to a free tool from the company, to be made available soon, through which companies will be able to monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns.

We will see, therefore, how this situation will unfold.

via MacRumors