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Advertisements on App Store searches will start operating on October 5, initially only in the US [atualizado]

Search Ads from the App Store on iPhones

A few months ago, Apple announced a significant new feature for App Store: sponsored searches, that is, advertisements in search results for apps and games.

Behold, after this period of tests and preparations, the Search Ads of the App Store will officially go live on the day October 5th (better known as Wednesday of next week) initially only in the United States and restricted to apps for iPhone and iPad with iOS 10.

To celebrate the debut, Apple is offering for a limited time, of course $ 100 in credit to all developers who want to try the platform.

When the thing is really in the throes, Apple is likely to expand around the world. In my opinion, something like this makes a lot more sense than the (bankrupt) iAd and tends to be beneficial not only for developers but also for us, users.

Update · 01/26/2017 s 22:04

Apple today extended the initial $ 100 credit to date March 30 (they would originally expire on 12/31/2016). Apparently, Apple is still not satisfied with how many developers it managed to attract to the platform

(via 9to5Mac)