Adventure Time is back and there's a new website with fun games and mysteries to explore

Adventure Time is back and there's a new website with fun games and mysteries to explore

After the final season of Adventure Time in 2018, many fans wondered if they would ever see Finn and Jake again on new adventures in the Land of Ooo. At the end of 2019, it was announced that the series would return, this time on the HBO Max platform. The promised due and, thus, on June 25 this year Adventure Time: Distant Lands arrived, with four new special episodes.

It is true that HBO Max has not yet arrived in Portugal, however, there is a new website where you can explore a small part of the world from the first episode. In it, we accompany BMO, the smart little robot that takes the form of a retro-inspired video game console, as it begins its journey to Mars, where it plans to set up camp and dedicate itself to planting potatoes.

On the website created by Active Theory, we find BMO in his spaceship, surrounded by his guitar, his cowboy hat and his favorite tuber. By clicking on each of the objects, the little robot interacts with you, even having space to show a little bit of the song it sings right at the beginning of the first episode.

But not everything: the fun really starts when you click on the BMO screen, where you will be taken into the robot's operating system. It is possible to play a game of potato-pong, a version of the classic video game of the 70s but with potatoes, or else create your own beats on the sound system, with the possibility of sharing them through social networks.

If you explore the site in depth you will also find some curious details that are hidden in the BMO OS: from a recipe for a potato pie to a themed wallpaper for your computer, as well as many mysterious files. And what happens when we trash the DONOTDRAGTOTRASH.dll file? You will have to find out for yourself on the website.